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Finalize the Executive Coaching Agreement

Thank you for becoming a valued Executive Coaching Client of Evolving Leaders. 


This agreement is to clarify our roles and work together. You are about to undertake an experiential and individualized developmental process to help you develop the thinking and people skills needed to advance your effectiveness as a leader. The information here outlines the engagement and retainer procedures. Please read through it and ask any questions. Then, sign and return the form to begin your journey. 


Service and Responsibilities


Coaching is a transformative process that inspires the client to maximize their potential.

The client is responsible for being coachable, honest, and open to feedback, follow through on action items, ask questions, and seek support. Coaching is not a substitute for mental health, physical health or other medical services.


Both parties are responsible for creating the time and energy to engage fully and keep scheduled appointments twice per month, 55 minutes each.


24 hours cancellation is required. Coach will make good faith effort to reschedule, however, reserves the right to bill for missed session. The client is responsible to inputting coaching dates and schedule changes into their calendar.


Client/Triad contacts coach via phone: 253-651-3752 or prearranged video conference.



The Executive Coaching Engagement will begin with assessment, feedback and goal setting (5-10 weeks)

  1. Client Introduction call: review project/Welcome Package and initial goals. 30 minutes

  2. Supervisor/Triad or Adviser Introduction call: review project and Welcome Package, answer any questions, determine point person (HR/Assistant) to provide name, email, and phone contact for 360 Interview participants, along with coordination of interviews. Coach will provide informational/invitation letter and hours of availability. 30 minutes

  3. Client takes the DiSC assessment. (5 business days prior to Session 1)

  4. Session 1: Client DiSC Review/Feedback. Begin goal setting. 55 minutes

  5. Coach: 360 Interviews, compiles report with feedback and action items.

  6. Session 2: Coach delivers the 360 Review to the client. 55 minutes

  7. Session 3: Deeper dive into 360 Review and Goal Setting/Prep for Triad/Adviser meeting. 55 minutes

  8. 1st Executive Involvement Meeting: Coach, Client, and Supervisor/Triad/Adviser discuss and align goals. This is also an opportunity for Supervisor to provide additional insight. 55 minutes


Followed by the Transform and Progress Phase (6-7 months)


1. Sessions 4-9: Transformative Coaching, 55 minute each

2.  2nd Executive Involvement Meeting: Coach, Client, and Supervisor/Triad/Adviser share and check      

            progress, adjust any goals. 55 minutes

3. Sessions 10-15: Transformative Coaching, 55 minutes each

4. 3rd Executive Involvement Meeting: Coach, Client, and Supervisor/Triad/Adviser review progress made. Review strategies for continued growth. This meeting completes the project. 55 minutes


Fee Schedule


Option A: Initial Retainer for 360 Interview, $4900 Invoiced through PayPal

  • Intro meetings (30 minutes each)

  • (3) Triad/Adviser sessions

  • Up to 10 participants (30 minutes each)

  • Comprehensive 360 Feedback Report 


Option B: Initial Retainer for 360 Electronic Form, $2700 Invoiced through PayPal

  • Intro meetings (30 minutes each)

  • (3) Triad/Adviser sessions

  • Up to 15 participants online

  • Basic 360 Feedback Report


Option A and B: DiSC assessment taken and billed at $120 through www.lizbentley.com .

Beginning 28 days after start of engagement: Monthly $700 for 7 months, and additional hours billed at $400 per hour,  invoiced via PayPal.



__________________________________   _________________  _____________________

Billing Contact Name                                                  Phone                         Email Address



Confidentiality & Data Protection



This coaching relationship, as well as all information (documented or verbal) that the Client shares with the Coach as part of this relationship, is bound to confidentiality by the Code of Ethics but is not considered a legally confidential relationship (like in Medicine or Law). The Coach agrees not to disclose any information pertaining to the Client or use the client name as a reference without the Client’s written consent. The exception to confidentiality is the Triad meetings when discussing strategies to support the determined goals.


All personal and company-sensitive data gathered through the EvolvingLeaders.co website and third party online tools, including internet based assessments and emailed discussions, are protected by the strongest internet firewall /security software available for small businesses and accessible only on a password protected computer by EvolvingLeaders.co authorized staff. Data is collected for your coach’s use in helping you achieve your goals. Data is stored for up to a year after completion of your coaching program, then purged from our digital files. Minimal paper files containing mostly contact information may be kept in the EvolvingLeaders.co office in Tacoma, Washington, and those are also purged and shredded approximately 1 year after completion of the coaching program. Client has the right to request return and/or destruction of all stored information pertaining to their coaching program. These requests can be made on letterhead, co-signed by their supervisor where applicable, and emailed to Deanne@EvolvingLeaders.co.






Either party may terminate this agreement in writing, or by discontinuing monthly retainer fee.



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Signatures of Agreement


This is an agreement between Deanne Carter, Evolving Leaders (Coach) whereby Deanne Carter agrees to provide Coaching Services for Client named below. A supervisor’s signature is required when the client’s company is sponsoring client’s participation.



_______________________________________, of _________________________________

                        Client Name                                                                                      Company






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Deanne Carter

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