Don’t Ask Why, Ask What

Albert Einstein said that a problem can't be solved with the same thinking that went into creating it. This applies to almost every life problem I can think of.

Over the years, I have coached my clients to resist the urge to analyze why. Why things happen only matters when it identifies a concrete problem to solve.

For example, I ran out of money this month because I spent more than what was there. However, there is often a deeper issue that leads to the solution. You find it in the what.

Questioning yourself about the what can lead to openings for solutions.

For example, what do I want each month? What do I feel at the thought of not buying that over budget item? What do I sense in my body when I picture a spreadsheet and tracking my spending? What will guide you to the underlying sabotage that you can change.

If you get excited about personal growth, asking what questions is like opening the curtains to you inner truths.

Even if you are desiring the short cut to the solution, then still ask what.

Neuroleadership Institute director David Rock asserts that we don’t like uncertainty. So our brains would rather review the certain past (why did this happen?) than focus attention on the outcome we want which has the uncertainty of whether that outcome will be realized. You are probably familiar with self-fulfilling prophecy. In essence, it is a mental dynamic that whatever it is that we predict is likely to occur.

If you really want to solve the problem, shift your perception from figuring out why problems occured to focusing on what is occuring, what thoughts or beliefs are present, and what positive outcome your want to birth into being.

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