How to Know When to Pivot

This is a time of great change. That can illicit passion or friction, but either way we need to use it constructively for new insights, motivation, and productivity. If we don’t grow or pivot, we are stuck in the discomfort fueling emotional reactivity and threat response. For some that’s a shut down, and for others, it’s a mania or aggression. The ego mind begins to disguise it by saying “I’m driven”, or “I’m strong, I can get through anything.” But it’s really suppressing intuition or wisdom within.

Become curious. Observe yourself as if you are watching a movie. What opinion would you have of that character? What advice or wish would you have for that character? What if it were a loved one? Where are they allowing others’ judgments or expectations to navigate their life? What are they denying themselves? How are they playing small, settling for less, or being a puppet to their life? If you could unzip them out of those restraints, what would burst out?

People climb mountains one step at a time. So let’s look at a micro step.

Notice discontent. Curiously observe it without trying to understand, direct, change, or make it go away. Let it be a messenger, that is here to give you valuable feedback of when to pivot. Hold this experience as an opportunity to connect to your vitality and creativity which leads to breakthroughs toward redefining your beliefs, roles, and expectations.

Perhaps you notice a lack of vitality and creativity and that’s the message, to move away from a collaboration or partnership that isn’t aligned with your authentic self. If there is chaos, observe it. Be fascinated by how things have unfolded and what you are experiencing. Use your regulation tools to stay present (breath, progressive relaxation, mantra). What can you control in this chaos? How can you creatively stay in your lane, stay on your course, despite what is happening?

Micro steps may seem insignificant but they begin to change our physiology, which allows for more blood flow to the manager part of our brain. Down the hall from there is where our insights, motivation, creativity, and productivity are housed. So observing chaos, instead of trying to avoid/suppress, or force changes, will lead to a more effective solution.

Physical movement is helpful here. If you feel paralyzed by fear, just begin by blowing your breath out harder as if through a stirring straw. When you think there is no more exhale, push more. If you are sitting in a chair, press your feet into the ground and your back against the chair. If you are laying down, press up like in a push up. Just start somewhere. Using that physical energy allows you to be more present and observant of the messenger that is present.

We must make room for our authentic selves to engage and show up in the world to be the best version of ourselves. This brings new insights and solutions, and helps us move through old patterns and barriers. This is a window of opportunity to resolve old habits, behaviors, or thought patterns that don’t serve you.

The question is, When it presents itself, will you evolve?

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