Leadership is about Helping Others Rise Up

Evolved leaders are more consistently available, fully resourced, interested and focus on verbal and non-verbal communication. They can hold space for conflict with curiosity. Inquiring to understand the other, and their own perceptions, thoughts, and blind spots which leads to more creative problem solving.

Leaders who are resourced (self-regulate and manage automatic negative thoughts- ANTs) tend to adapt more easily to change, maintain investment in their team and mission, hold healthy boundaries, and advocate for themselves proactively allowing for win-win negotiations. They have control over their impulses and can maintain a spirit of cooperation and collaboration because they trust in their ability to

adjust to whatever obstacles they face. They are more resilient and can go with the flow.

Confident leaders have high expectations of themselves and others, and also understand the need to have adequate support and plans. They understand their brain and how to facilitate optimal performance. With this attunement to self comes better attunement to others. Their social and emotional intelligence allows them to get along with a wide range of personalities circumstances. They don’t give up easily on people and pursuits that are good for them, but are insightful enough to pivot when needed.

Can you imagine your workplace with a team who is committed to resolving conflict and addressing uncertainty with mutual respect and reciprocity? Our fates are interconnected. We all rise up when we develop more of these soft skills. What’s something you can do to rise up?

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