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You’ve always been a capable of accomplishing what you set your mind to. You put the time in, and you’ve become an expert in your field. Finally, you took the big step you were waiting for: You received a thrilling promotion, or maybe you struck out on your own to start the business you've been dreaming about.


BOOM—Suddenly, you're overwhelmed and drained. The fulfilling career you were so excited about feels like a bad stress dream. You’re crazy busy and not sure if where you’re putting your efforts is going to get you to the top. There’s just too much to do and you’re afraid you won’t figure it out.

You think that if you don’t push through, you’ll be seen as a fraud and fail for sure. You’re tired of feeling exhausted. All this hard work was supposed to give you financial reward and more balance in your life. Instead, you are working longer, and missing out on important events with family and loved ones, and not spending time on hobbies and investment goals.


It’s out of control: your head is spinning, you are frustrated and stuck. At times you wonder if you are cut out for this. Maybe you were selfish to think you could have it all?

It doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine waking up excited to get out of bed. You move through your powerful morning routine, which starts you on the right foot to make it through the day without overwhelm. It’s easier to prioritize and now your tasks feel manageable. Your thoughts are more organized and you can focus on activities that produce results.

You finally operate with that same clarity you used to feel before you took on this new venture. You can track multiple operations at once, and you can get back on task easily when there are surprises. You are more productive checking off your priority items. You feel more confident and calm since your brain isn’t full. Others feel your presence and trust you more.  You’re hard work has paid off, profits are coming and you finally feel more at ease.


At last, you're working more efficiently. As a result, you have balance and energy for the relationships and activities that matter most to you. Your heart feels fulfilled.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wonder why you can’t get it together and confidently get things done.

  • You’re afraid all this sacrifice will take its toll on your relationships and you’ll end up alone.

  • You’re worried that all this extra work won’t get you ahead because you are still not seeing the respect from your team or extra profits rolling in.

I can help you navigate this terrain

I am a coach who works with ambitious go-getters like you who are feeling stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed with their work.

You will learn simple strategies and clear old programming, to help you work more effectively and overcome your fear of being surpassed or becoming irrelevant.

As a result of working with me, you’ll:

  • Finally identify the underlying limiting beliefs and clear them, so you can take to perform at your best.

  • Wake up excited and ready to engage your day so you can get more done in less time.

  • Have a power packed morning routine building momentum for your business.

  • Have the clarity you need to prioritize and focus on what matters most to you, letting you get back to feeling passion for your work.

  • Stop stressing and start maximizing your potential to be a leader in your field.

The EMDR Performance Enhancement Programming Retreat Prep Includes:

Starting Line -- The Brain Drain Assessment

The assessment will identify your biggest brain drain. This baseline understanding of your physical brain's health will give us a clear starting point for understanding the productivity habits that work best for you.

90 Minute Strategies to Win Session

We'll review your assessment and, together, create a 5-point action plan tailored to increase your performance. You'll be able to ask all of your burning questions about improving your high performance habits and this will also set the stage for your Performance Enhancement Programming Virtual or In Person Retreat*. You'll receive an email with your action steps so you get a strong start. Next, we will schedule your 1/2 day Retreat. Some people complete this all in one day, others prefer to break it up over two days. You’ll be more in control, so you can stop repeating the old programming and get ahead in your field.

*The EMDR Performance Enhancement Programming Retreat is a separate service. Contact me for details.

Strategy Course-Correction Call

You’ll have 10-14 days to implement the strategies after your retreat, and then we’ll talk again to for 30 minutes to check in to see where you’re at. We’ll make any adjustments for you to be able to follow your plan of action. As a result, you’ll feel less overwhelmed, and productive on what matters most. You’ll have the tools and practical knowledge you need to make manageable choices that support your success.

You can finally increase profits or move ahead in your career without spending extra energy.

I can help you keep moving on up!


Investment -- $399

Let’s start your journey!

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Step 2: Next, fill out the assessment, include two suggested days and times for our Zoom video conference session, then click the submit button.

Step 3: Watch for a confirmation email and a meeting invite via zoom so we can work together no matter where you live!

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