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Do you want to increase your client list or referral network?

Do you want to have more influence or be seen as a thought leader?

Your vibe walks in the room first. We are programmed to respond to non-verbal communication long before processing the words offered in an exchange. If you don’t understand personality styles and how to adapt to them, you could be valuable influence. For example, if you are an extraverted, big picture person, you may be frustrated by a deep thinking, detail oriented introvert who isn’t going to trust you because you seem to be avoiding important information they need to make a decision. They will seem like a pain in the a** to you, but you will develop more long term influence when you adapt to their decision making or buying styles.


Are you tired of working endless hours only to not make progress?

Have you had enough of giving up your personal life, and still not seeing the rewards?


Imagine understanding how to create systems that work for you, knowing how to adapt to personality styles that are opposite of yours without losing your authenticity, and building long term trusting relationships because you use genuine empathy and awareness to provide extraordinary service. I can help you flourish by eliminating obstacles in your presentation and processes that impede your top performance. I will help you address the needs of all personality styles so you spend less energy and develop trust with your clients and colleagues.


Maybe you get bombarded from the moment you walk into the office and spend the day feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I can help you minimize overwhelm, mental clutter, and low energy,  so you can break free from attention and resource zappers. You can feel confident, energized, and focused every day.

Here’s what it looks like: I’ll first help you get clear on your primary goals. Then, based on over 20 years of experience in human behavior, I’ll show you the strategies to drive your growth. Then, we’ll meet weekly or biweekly to take your daily experiences as growth opportunities.  


As a result of working with me:

  • You will establish best practices for your unique strengths and traits to take intentional action toward profitable results.


  • Improve your time management, organization, and mindset by optimizing your brain agility.


  • Reshape your business plan to navigate you through strategies and action items that align with your true nature.


  • Use the different decision making and buying styles to meet your clients’ needs and organically increase your trust building with your target market.

Watch your profit and customer satisfaction grow!

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